Thursday, June 26, 2014

My kind of inter-faith dialogue

As far as I am concerned, I am against that kind of interfaith dialogue which is so much in style nowadays, and which is mostly based on indoctrination like, “we are all the same”, “all religions are the same”, “let’s unite all religions”, and so on.

Let it be clear from the start: we respect each other, but we are different and we follow different religious paths.

Human conflicts will not stop if we adhere to the same religion or if we deny the differences among us. The true interfaith dialogue presupposes the absence of fear of differences and the acceptance of the other as he is. We do not need to share the same ideas or faith, but we can be friends and drink a beer together, respect each other and adhere to some simple common sense rules, the same rules that allow two neighbors to live together, door to door, in the same building.

We can be friends even if the other does not share our opinions and even if he is convinced that his religion is better than ours. It’s the natural right of any person to believe that his religious system is the best and this fundamental right should never be replaced with the stupid ideology of political correctness.

When political correctness is applied in religion, it leads to relativism and the destruction of the same religions we try to attune. With things like, “you cut a little from your faith and I cut a little from mine”, we both end in following stubs of ideas devoid of any life and authentic experience.

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Anonymous said...

In all this large ocean of stupidity and propaganda I have finally met someone who thinks normally and not in terms of "political corectness"! The beauty of our World resides in its diversity, a diversity that cannot be ignored by anyone. Most conflicts in history were started by people who hoped to bring equality and homogenization to society. A utopian ideal and therefore impossible to achieve.

Josho Adrian Cirlea said...

Thank you for your comment, Eugen. No matter where it is used, poltical corectness is intellectual tirany.

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