Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pictures from the 750th Memorial of Shinran Shonin (8-11 September 2011)

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new pictures were added on 19th September

I recently came back from Japan where I attended the 750th Memorial of Shinran Shonin, an event which is organized once in 50 years.
There are so many things to be said, stories to tell, people to mention, but I will resume myself in this article only at sharing with you pictures that might be useful for those who attended the Conference, kikyoshiki (confirmation) ceremony and pilgrimage to Mount Hiei.

I know that usually it takes a lot of time until official pictures are released by the organizers and maybe, as it often happens, some people might not find themselves in them. This is why I always hurry, after all the Conferences and meetings I attend, to make available as many pictures as possible. 
On September 11th I tried to position myself so that I could take some pictures with my members and other nembutsu friends in the foreground, receiving kikyoshiki. However, I appologize for not being able to catch all the candidates.

I am grateful to the members of my sangha for many other pictures taken by them.
Soon, more pictures will be added, so check this post for new updates! 
There is no copyright for the pictures, so feel free to share then with others!

- The same pictures can be seen on the Facebook page of Jodo Shinshu Buddhist Community from Romania
- on my youtube page you can also see a video record of a small part from the Ceremony dedicated to Shinran Shonin

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Anonymous said...




海草 said...

Thank you for reliesing pictures. I enjoyed the slide show so much.

I was happy to have a chance to talk to you, getting lost together at Mt. Hiei.

I'd like to talk more with you. I hope I can go to the next European Conference.

Masa Moriwaki (IABC, Japan)

Marcus said...

Great pictures, thank you for sharing them!
(Do let us know if ever you're going to spend any time in Tokyo as I'd love to say hello to you in person!)
With palms together,

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