Friday, June 10, 2011

I remain the same

No matter where I go, or what I do, I remain the same.
Wether I am in my room, a temple, or even in the presence of the relics of the Buddha, where I was today, I remain the same.

I came to the relics shrine with a distracted mind, I stayed there and payed homage with a distracted mind and left home with the same distracted mind.
I did this or that, circumambulation, gassho, etc, but still my mind remained the same. When I realized this, I  stopped doing anything and remained sitting. Just being there was enough.

I was and always am in the presence of Amida Buddha, so what else do I need doing? What does a child need to do in the presence of the mother? Nothing. Trully nothing. He just stays there and feels accepted. No special thing is required. 
Just sitting there I realized again that everything is ok.

My mind can never be at peace. Since the Buddha and me both know this simple truth, just sitting in his presence is enough.
Namo Amida Bu. The problem of my life and death are solved once and for all without me doing anything special.

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vas said...

Yeah, sometimes I worry if I do that, or that, or if I didn't manage to do my morning service, but then...Amida is there anyway, whatever I do.

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