Friday, April 8, 2011

Don’t misinterpret the saying, „all beings will eventually become Buddhas”

To think that all beings will eventually become Buddhas is a dangerous trap for ordinary, unenlightened people who thus might strenghten the reliance on their false ego. It is another delusory thought of those who „copy and paste” the words of Enlightened Beings without discrimination.

„But the Buddha said this”, can someone argue....
Yes, He said it, but the meaning is that He as a Buddha will never stop until all beings will also become Buddhas. It is not that ordinary people will become Buddhas by their own power, at some time in the future, but that the Buddhas will do everything in their power to make this aspiration come true. That sentence is the wish and aspiration of the Buddhas, not what people will actually do without their help. 

Only if we give up trust in our self power (the power of our unenlightened ego) and entrust in Amida Buddha’s Power (Other Power) we will become Buddhas. Otherwise, no one can escape birth and death, with the exception of a few special beings who are already very close to perfect Enlightenment but who struggle for this since timeless past, like for example, Maitreya Bodhisattva.
The time is infinite, but the Buddhas have enough patience to wait and will always work to make all beings entrust to Amida so that all will eventually be free from birth and death. This is because all Buddhas support Amida Buddha, who is the One who provided the best method (His Primal Vow) to make this wish come true: to bring all beings to Buddhahood. Some methods require special capacities on the part of beings, but the Primal Vow recquires trully nothing, no virtue, no special quality. This is why this method is universal: both sages and idiots can be saved through it.

If Amida’s Primal Vow had not been made then the beings wouldn’t have had any chance for Liberation and the sentence that „all beings will eventually become Buddhas” would have been spoken in vain.
The Buddha, as the Supreme Doctor, knows that some are too sick to recover and because He has infinite Compassion, He does not wait until they become capable to emerge by themselves from samsara. What mother would do such a thing – to let her child sink in hell and wait for him on the edge of the abyss until he finally recovers. But what if he does not recover? And in fact, what chances somebody has to recover by oneself if he sank in the ocean of immeasurable pain of the lower realms! No Buddha whose essence is compassion, would wait and see without doing anything. This is why Amida made His Primal Vow and established His Pure Land, because He didn’t want to stay and wait until sentient beings will eventually become Buddhas by themselves. It would have been stupid and without compassion had He done that.  He wouldn’t have been a Buddha had He done this.

So, dear friends, please do not rely on words that you cannot understand, and instead be aware of the two types of impermanence: 1) the impermanence of your life who can end anytime, and 2) the impermanence of your so called spiritual realizations based on self power.
Please bear in mind that in the ocean of birth and death there is no „you” alone who will eventually become a Buddha. The road to the lower realms is always open for those who rely on personal power, so better don’t fool yourself. There is no real spiritual evolution for an unenlightened being like you, no „today I learned something new and made a new step forward”, no hope, no nothing, just Amida’s helping hand. Please accept it.

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