Sunday, November 21, 2010

My prayer to Shinran and Rennyo

I renamed this category POEMS, PRAYERS, ASPIRATIONS. Here I will post all kinds of texts, old and new that fit into this description and might be of help to Jodo Shinshu followers. Please feel free to send me any poem, prayer or aspiration that you discover in the sacred texts, various modern works or even those composed by you. All that matter is that you be inspired by it in your own nembutsu path.
Bellow is my personal prayer to Shinran and Rennyo.


Shinran and Rennyo,
My Compassionate parents,
please always stay on the crown of my head and bless me.
By the Power of Amida,
May I and my Dharma companions
be always in accord with your teachings
and receive the same shinjin like you.
May I always meet and be influenced
only by teachers and lay people
that are faithful to you and do not deviate from your words.

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