Sunday, April 6, 2008

Kitagaki - a person of shinjin

I received the last number of EKO magazine from my nembutsu friends in Jikoji (Belgium) and while I was looking through its pages, trying to find something in English, I came across a wonderful short article written by Zuio Inagaki Sensei about Mr.Motoyasu Kitagaki, a famous Buddhist calligrapher, but about whom I have never heard before. I read about his life and work which was described in short at the beginning of the article, then while reading the last two passages, I was suddenly filled with spontaneous joy and veneration. I kissed those words and raised the text to the forehead, reciting nembutsu. What a wonderful person of shinjin! I cannot abstain not to share with you those two passages which gave me so much joy and hope, that you can't imagine:

“Being a devout follower of the Jodoshinshu, Mr. Kitagaki lived a life of Nembutsu. Anyone who met him never failed to feel Amida’s compassion emanating through his warm and sincere personality. He was really a white lotus in the muddy pool of the human society.

According to what his widow, Maki, humbly recounts, a few days before Mr. Kitagaki died, he exclaimed to her: “Amida Sama has come to welcome me!”
“Where?” she asked.
“Can you see, Maki? Right there! How beautiful! With all the flowers, purple and yellow! Just as they are described in the sutras!”
“Do you see golden and silver towers, too?”
“Yes, I do, indeed!”
Mrs. Kitagaki had never seen her husband look so happy.

His life-teacher of Buddhism was Rev. Zuiken S. Inagaki. One day Mr. Kitagaki called to see him. Dispensing with the usual greetings, he opened his mouth to ask the teacher: “It is true that Amida Sama calls me to come to him just as I am?”
Rev. Inagaki replied: “Yes, he does.”
Mr. Kitagaki asked him the same question three times, to which the same answer was given three times. Then he left the teacher’s house.”

I wish to die exactly like him with the same joy of being received by Amida.

Without any formalities and introduction, he came and asked that simple and yet most important question three times! He came to his teacher's house only to ask that question! And then he left. No more questions, just one fundamental question to solve the matter of birth and death for ever.
What a wonderful person of shinjin he was. I can feel this just by reading those two passages. I have no doubt he is a Buddha now helping all beings to entrust in Amida and be born in the Pure Land.
Namo Amida Butsu

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this words.
Have you pictures from motoyasu Kitagaki's calligraphy please?

vincent from French Guyana

Josho Adrian Cirlea said...

vincent, check the link at the end of this post, and you will find a calligraphy of Kitagaki there together with the article from which I took the quotes.

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